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P.F.S Fence, Inc. For The Best Security Fencing Services

P.F.S Fence, Inc. For The Best Security Fencing Services

What is the one thing that all companies need? Security! The one thing that people immediately think about in whatever property needs. Be it residential, commercial or industrial, all of these require security. P.F.S Fence offers the best security fencing services. Serving Ontario for more than 65 years, they have taken and accomplished an endless list of projects. Be it fixing and repairing broken fences caused by stormy weathers, vehicular accidents, decay and other probable causes in North York, or Richmond Hill, to installation of new fences and creating custom designed gates for various companies and malls in Milton and Toronto, P.F.S Fence has done it all.

P.F.S offers immediate and quick repairs for whatever issues that you have. Due to fences and gates being a main entry point as well as an important security measure, our team offers emergency dispatches which can allow you to have a tech working on it anytime of the day! Our repair services are very diverse in terms of scopes. We have repaired various designs and custom made gates and fences. Indoor fences in particular may have unique designs and custom setups based on the nature of its purpose and the business you have. From narcotics, warehouse stocks, aerosol, and whatever product you offer, the needed materials may be unique. This is what makes our services far different compared to others as we are capable or working on it. From ornamental fences, to the basic chain-link fence and even the wood privacy fence you have.

P.F.S Fence, Inc. For The Best Security Fencing Services

As for gates, we also offer repairs on it as well. Due to the variety of gates around it may be hard to find a reliable contractor. Our team has accomplished several repair request and emergency calls in Brampton, Scarborough, Vaughan, Mississauga, Markham and Etobicoke areas these past years. We work on all kinds of gates be it sliding, swing, overhead, cantilever and panic bar types.

Installation Services

For those who need new gates and security fencing installation services, P.F.S Fence offers their best designs and contractors to build your very own fort. Be it outdoor fences or indoor fences we can do it all.

– Outdoor Fence Installations

All forms of outdoor fences are installed for commercial buildings and industrial buildings. P.F.S Fences installed for schools, malls, government buildings, condominium units and even for landscaping and architectural designs. Types are for metal fences, barbed wire fences, razor ribbon and other outdoor fences. This includes fences for livestock, public storage and other types.

– Indoor Installations

For indoor fences, we offer installations for whatever indoor fence needs. Various businesses have different needs for indoor fences. Warehouses needs partition cages and for storages are one of the many basic fence designs. Other for containment like cages for stocks, narcotics and aerosol.

– Gate Installation

Installations for gates are also on high demand. Barriers and panic bar gates are common on many malls, commercial and industrial buildings. For residential, all kinds of gates are available. Sliding gates, overhead gates for garages, swing gates, and other security gates.

For more inquiries on the types of gates that we can build, you can call us at our toll free number 1-800-685-7459 or 905-456-0623. Our main office is located at 110A Kennedy Road South, Brampton, ON, L6W 3E7. Get an estimate now for any repair or installation services you wish for us to handle by calling us or by logging online and filling out the form to get a quote from us. Email us at P.F.S Fences offers all security fencing repairs and installations at affordable price. Call us now!


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