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Wood or Composite When Building and Repairing a Fence in Vaughan

Composite Fencing

Composite fences are becoming cheaper and more popular nowadays, but are they better than wooden fences? As a reputable fence contractor in Vaughan, PFS Fence Services wants to give you the best information possible in order to help you make your decision.

Differences Between Wood and Composite Fences

Wood is easy to work with; generally all you need are basic screws or nails and the tools to put the fence together. You can also carve into wood, change the length and fill in any mistakes without too much effort. And if you get pressure treated red wood or cedar, the fences will last and you will not need Vaughan fence repair services for a long time.

With composite fences, you can get several varieties for a wide range of prices, but they’re all generally more expensive than wood. These fences also require special screws to put up, and can’t be changed or repaired easily if broken. You should always contact a qualified Vaughan fence contractor about composite or other fence repair in Vaughan. However composite fences come in a wide variety of colours and premade styles.

Maintaining Wooden and Composite Fences

The reason composite fences are very popular is that they don’t need much maintenance, even the new ones that resemble wood don’t need much fence repair in Vaughan. Whereas with a wooden fence, every year you need to do some general maintenance, a composite fence just needs to be cleaned, and you’re good to go.

While wooden fences are cheaper and easier to install, as well as being a classic look, you should also consider composite fences in Vaughan if your budget can handle it.


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