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Maintaining Wooden Fences in Mississauga

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They all say good fences make good neighbours, so you should keep your wooden fence looking beautiful and long lasting. This is actually fairly easy to do if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort, all it takes is some planning before you put the fence in place, and a little bit of work every year afterwards.Fence contractors in Mississauga like PFS Fence Inc. can offer you helpful advice on either constructing new fences in Mississauga, or having your Mississauga fence repaired.

Pressure Treated Posts

Getting posts that are pressure treated will help keep moisture from setting in and rotting the wood. They’re a little more expensive then untreated wood, but they’ll last longer and look better.This is a very important point to consider when researching Mississauga fence repair and construction.

Choosing the Wood

Redwood and Cedar fences are the best type of fences for Mississauga. The wood is more resistant to rot and decay than most other types of wood, and when pressure treated should last several years longer than other fences. Choosing this type of wood ensures that you will not have to repair a Mississauga fence earlier then anticipated.

Sealants and Stains

If your wood isn’t pressure treated, be sure to paint the wood with exterior stain, or sealants to protect it from rain and snow.

Keep Weight Off the Fence

If you have bushes, trees, or lawn items pressing against the fence over time, it can cause the fence to lean potentially damaging the posts, and detracting from the appearance. The less pressure on the fence the better.

Keep your fences looking beautiful with these simple tips, and you’ll get years of use out of them.

We at PFS Fence Inc. offer different types of fence services including indoor and outdoor fencing. See our before and after gallery page or call us at 905-456-0623 for more information on how you can build your fences right and beautiful.


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