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Natural Enemies of Wooden Fences in Milton

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If you employed a reputable fence contractor in Milton, your wooden fence should be able to last at about a decade before your Milton fence requires repair, but there are many things out there that can and will destroy your fence, making it age well beyond its time.

The Elements

Fences in Milton have to withstand bitterly cold winters, muggy summers, and rain from spring to fall. Add in the sun, dry weather, and heat and your fence will warp, split, fade and even start to rot if they aren’t pressure treated or properly stained and sealed. A Milton fence contractor can advise you about the best type of wood or wood product to use in your area to withstand the elements.

Dry Rot

When rain and sun cause the wood to split, dry rot can set in. The dry rot will weaken the wood even further, enlarging splits, warping the wood and making it more likely to break under pressure. You should consider have an inspection from a Milton fence repair service to try and detect the problem as early as possible.


If your wood isn’t properly sealed, or it’s damaged, fungus can begin to grow on it, particularly during wet weather. The fungus will eat away at the wood causing all of the problems as dry rot, as well as making it unpleasant to look at.

These are the three major enemies of wooden fences. If you have pressure treated wood, or regularly stain and seal your fence, you’ll save yourself and your fence a lot of trouble. A Milton fence repair company like PFS Fence Inc. can help make recommendations and give you advice on how to combat the enemies of wood fences.

We at PFS Fence Inc. offer different types of fence services such as indoor, outdoor and security fencing available in your area. Check out our before and after gallery page or request a quote so we could help you more.


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