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Building a Fence in Markham

Building a Fence in Markham

Building a fence isn’t as easy as putting some wood into the ground and nailing them together. To get the perfect fence in Markham takes hard work. It is a great idea to get professional advice from Markham fence contractors like PFS. Here are some tips on how to start thinking about adding a fence to your property.

First Measure Everything

Making sure you know where the property line is, stake out the corners where your fence will be. Square the corners, so that they don’t bend or go at odd angles. Then stake out where the middle posts are going to be

Second, Dig Deep

You need the posts to be below the frost line, otherwise your fence is going to start sagging when winter hits, and falling over during the spring. At least 33% of the post needs to be buried. Also you should have about four inches of gravel in the hole, and if you can fill it with quick dry cement. Only put the cement in when the post is in properly. And cover it in dirt once dry.

Adding Pickets

Put a builder’s line as tightly as possible running along the posts, to make sure the pickets are all the proper height. Then attach the support boards to the posts, and screw the pickets on.

Finishing Touches

When everything is up, paint, stain or seal the fence to protect it from the elements.

Fence Repair and Maintenance:

As a premier fence contractor in Markham we get a lot of questions about Markham fence repair and maintenance. Though we have given you a lot of advice to think about above, you should really consider have a fence contractor in Markham build your fence, rather than just helping you to repair a Markham fence.

We at PFS Fence Inc. offer different types of fence services available in your area. We can offer your advice on Markham fence repair and contracting. Check out our before and after gallery page or call us at 905-456-0623 for more information on how you can build your fences right.


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