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If you are looking for a fence contractor in Toronto, our company, PFS Fence, is the expert Toronto fence repair or Toronto fence contractor firm that you need. Fences and Gates have become a necessity for commercial and industrial areas throughout Milton, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Toronto, and even all over the world. Fences are used to protect your property from trespassers and thieves has become a need as the increase of criminal activities continues to endanger businesses and can be used to partition, cage up and contain anything that your business may need. All businesses, industrial areas need fences and gates. Our company can perform fence repairs in Toronto or even build you a new fence.

Be it for schools, hospitals, commercial businesses and factories. It is the first line of defense that trespassers and thieves need to cross and possibly the biggest obstacle that they may face. Because of this protection that both gates and fences give, you need the best materials used possible along with the necessary designs that will suite your area.

We don’t just focus on Toronto fence repair or Toronto fence contracting. Our business also service clients in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and we are pleased to be Brampton’s fence contractor of choice. We also offer fence repair in Brampton. Even if we did not build your fence, we will repair a Brampton fence too. Call us today to discuss your Brampton fence contracting or Brampton fence repair needs.

PFS Fence Inc. - Fences Toronto

P.F.S Fence offers their services in building and repair for all you fence needs!

The services are available in the many cities of Ontario such as Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham. They are the people to call when you need to put up a fence in your area. Regardless of the design of the fence you wish to have or the type of gate you wish to be installed, P.F.S offers it all! Below are the kinds of fences and gates that they offer to build, install or repair.
PFS Fence Inc. - Outdoor Fence

Outdoor Fence

Fences made from galvanized metal which is commonly used for factories, schools, and even commercial buildings. Chain links are the most common types in all cities in Ontario such as at North York, Markham and Vaughan.

PFS Fence Inc. - Indoor Fence

Indoor Fence

Fences that are designed for in-building placement. Used in partitioning of areas, cages for narcotics and aerosol and smoking sections. Indoor fences can be customized depending on your preferred designs to fit a particular task.

PFS Fence Inc. - All Gates Design

All Gates Design

Gates of various designs can be requested. Gates that are made of sliding designs, swing, overhead, panic bar, cantilever, indoor and security gates are offered by P.F.S Fence.

Fence Repair Service

Apart from installation services, we also offer special repairs for all kinds of fences. Ornamental, chain-link, traffic barrier, wood privacy fences and even protective bollard post. For those business who have factories and other industrial properties, we also specialize in both interior and exterior fence repair. From the barbed wire and razor ribbon fences that surround your building, to the automated doors and other access control areas our team can fix it. All fence related repairs are also accepted including parts lock-ups, partitioning and enclosures.

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